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© Copyright Department for Education (DECD), Government of South Australia.

The template design and provided Photoshop banners are for the exclusive use of DECD schools and sites.

Core Template used for this website design was created by the DECD Online Communication for use by Blackwood Kindergarten, South Australia. Base template modified with minimal changes: October 2013 by a Third Party Developer to enable further Customisation of Template for Blackwood Kindergarten. Core template used across site contains code as per DECD Online Communication Team, modified in 2010.

Template size: Previous versions: 780px wide to fit 800px screen resolution This version: Modified to work with the 24 grid system can be used with a 792px grid to fit 800px screen resolution OR can be used with a 960px grid to fit 1024px screen resolution

Templates managed by: DECD Site Website Team, Online Communication Services, Strategic Communications, Policy Directorate, DECD

Templates enhanced using classes modified to work with a 792px (to fit 800px) and 960px (to fit 1024px) grid systems. The 792px grid is created using

Website launched October 2013. Website built by Third Party and Blackwood Kindergarten using Templates provided by DECD Site Website Team. Minimal Customisation to templates, core code and templates as per DECD Site Website Team Templates. Site built referencing DECD Checklist for Preschool Websites and related Web Standards and Policy Documents.

Sunsmart UV Index Widget developed by and sourced from

"Jump To Menu" Code sourced from :

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Graphic Design

Banner and internal Web graphics of this website have been designed/optimised by a Third Party Developer for Blackwood Kindergarten, using the assets provided by Blackwood Kindergarten. All other core design elements of Templates are as provided by DECD Site Website Team.


All content on this website created by Blackwood Kindergarten and the Department for Education.

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